Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BGT....Baconstown's Got Talent!

One of life's great mysteries is the sex appeal of one Mr Simon Cowell. What is it about his perma-tanned botoxed face that makes women weak at the knees and grown men sniffle and weep?
I believe it is the power that he exerts over people's future that makes people fawn at his feet.

I had a taste of his lifestyle today.
Holy Communion cermony will be held at the end of the month.  I am in charge of the choir. Today I announced that I would be holding auditions for some solo parts over the next few days. My class were unphased by this news. The fact  that my class is made up mainly of  boys who are entering the phase of breaking voices, means that singing is very low on their agenda. Not so with the younger classes.
I was on yard duty and every corner I went around I was greeted with cries of
"Hello, Ms. Noeleen,"
"I like your shoes."
"You look lovely today."
Ah bless. You are never too young to engage in a bit of grovelling!


  1. so who got the parts

  2. They are all off to bootcamp. To be decided!

  3. Well tell them I wish them luck