Monday, April 2, 2012

Kuala Lumpur's main tourist attraction.....ME!

Today Ger and I set off to do the cultured touristy things.
First stop - the National History Museum. The moment we got out of the car, I espied an ancient Malaysian artifact. Of course I had to have my photo taken with it. The fact that there was a wall and a flower bed around it was totally irrelevant. Over I popped.
Snap was taken.
Before  knew it there was a Japanese man standing beside me.

Another appeared.

And another. Suddenly there was a scramble to take photos before I disappeared.
It would appear that blue-eyed busty blondes are a rarity in Japan. I guess that's my next holiday destination sorted


  1. You took down his address then ;-) ????

  2. i hope u enjoy it nols

  3. wow your place.

  4. so id luv 2 meet u sometime nols maybe in kuala lumper well....see ya
    mike xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo