Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's no stroll in the park.

I have been to the touristy, somewhat sterile, forest parks but decided that I wanted to experience the real thing. So I accompanied Dave and Cullan on one of their walks in the genuine tropical forest.

It is adjacent to the city but within a few meters you are cocooned by Nature, and the manic sounds of the city are silenced. It is entering another world.

We came across some illegal rubber tapping. I wonder what they use it for...
Oh yeah, now I remember!
We followed a stream....all very Hunger Games.
Me, hacking my way through the jungle.
Suddenly we heard a loud cannon sound overhead.  Dave looked up worryingly and said
"Uh oh. It's about to rain. We better make our way back."
I'm Irish. I know what rain is. I can handle it.
A few drops made their way through the leaves. They were warm and refreshing, not like Irish ones. After a few moments they were getting stronger and more plentiful. We espied this motorbike parked plonk in the middle of the forest.  W contemplated stealing it for a quick get away, but figured the three of us would never fit on it.

The the heavens really opened and there was a downpour.It was as if someone was pouring buckets of water over us. Dave was quite apologetic, as if he was causing it. I tried to explain that it was all part of the experience and I was enjoying i.a
Granted  now that I've done it, wouldn't like it to happen EVERY day of my hols.
We made it home, soaked and bedraggled.
Guess I won't be winning any Miss Wet T-shirt competitions!


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