Sunday, April 15, 2012

It only seems like yesterday.

Today was Ger and Dave's 8th wedding anniversary. How time flies!
Last week Ger and I were shopping in Royal Selangor when we spotted two glass and pewter champagne flutes.
"I think they're lovely", commented Ger.
Ping! A little light bulb went off in my head.
I had been wracking my brains trying to get something as a present for their anniversary/"thank you for putting me up,or should that be, putting up with me" present. Sorted! But how was I going to buy them while Ger was there. I had no way to get back to the shop on my own later.
Ping again!
"Oh, em, I'm going to the afters of a wedding later on in the year and they would be perfect"
"Oh but they'll be too big to go in your case"
"No they're not. They're quite small".
Anyway, they're not going near my case.
"But they come in a big presentation box."
"I have a big case."
They're not going in my case.
"I've seen your case. I don't think there will be enough space with all the stuff  you bought."
"It has an extra zip that expands it out."
They're not going in my case.
"You need a soft case that is flexible."
"My case is flexible. They will fit."
"They are lovely but it would be awful to buy them and not be able to bring them home."
"I'll risk it. Now where is the nice man to gift wrap them."
Get here quick before she wrestles them out of my grasp.
It's ironic but that is the only time in the entire two weeks that we had even a slight disagreement and it had to be over her present!
Yesterday it was time to come home. Sob.
I was all packed and ready to go. I came downstairs with my nicely gift wrapped parcel. When Ger saw it she recognised it immediately and her eyes it up.
"What's wrong? Will it not fit in your bag?"
Roughly translated.....I told you so!
"No, ya eejit. This is a thank you/anniversary present!"
She did have the grace to blush!

Happy Anniversary to you both. Have a glass of champagne on me.