Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm a celebrity, get me out of here.

On account of the weekend that was in it, we were doing some work in class, on the Titanic.
Obviously not on the actual Titanic, but rather on the topic.
In Drama we were all aboard a sinking ship. As this was set in the modern day it was more like the Coasta Concordia. Here's the scene.
There was a nearby island which was accessible only by lifeboat.
It was surrounded by sharks for dramatic effect!
The problem was, there was only room for five passengers on it. In order to decide the lucky few they had to develop their own character and profession . Then they had one minute each to convince the captain ie ME, why they would be invaluable in setting up a new community on the island and hence be allowed on the lifeboat.
I figure that once they have argued to save their lives, within the safety  of drama of course, then they will be able to stand their ground in any situation life throws at them.
Things were going swimmingly, pardon the pun. We were really getting in to it. We ended up sitting on top of our desks as the water was beginning to seep into the classroom. A few messengers from other classrooms arrived in, but were greeted with shouts of
"Shut the door. You're letting the water in!"

One fella was particularly articulate about how invaluable he would be as a mechanic. He could make a tractor out of bits of the ship that would be washed up on shore and build a generator to produce electricity. I was very impressed and about to allow him on the lifeboat, when a heckler was heard from the back of the room.
"If you're so good, then how come this bloody ship is sinking?"

After the laughing had subsided I changed my mind, and told the heckler to get on board. There were squeals of
"Why him Miss?"
"He won't add anything to our new community!"
"This is today's most important lesson. We all need a sense of humour, even in the face of disaster."
The bell rang.


  1. so who were the 5 who got on the ship

  2. The chef, he herbal remedies doctor, the gardener, the vet ....and the heckler!

  3. whos the heckler