Saturday, March 17, 2012

What a ride!

"You have a balance of  €15."
How did that happen?  I had just gotten an e-mail from, the online gambling site.  Then I remembered.
Four years ago I had an operation that meant I was out of action for several weeks.  I went back to stay with my Mam to recuperate.  I couldn't go anywhere or do anything except watch telly.  There was a racing festival on, so I ended up watching that. To spice things up I opened an account with Paddy Power. 
When I got back on my feet I promptly forgot about my little foray into online gambling.  Until now, that is.....
"What will I do with my forgotten stash of cash?"
Seeing as it was Gold Cup Day in Cheltenham, why not blow it?
I didn't have a clue who was running as I hadn't been following it at all this year.  I turned on the TV commentary and one panelist recommended a horse.
"Sure I'll go with that.  Bye bye money."
Race started and I relaxed on the couch.  But by God, by the end of it I was up on my feet and screaming at the screen.
I apologise to any neighbours that may have thought a murder was being committed in my house.........though come to think of it, no one came over to check!!!

Anyway, Synchronised was first past the post, leaving me with a balance of  €113.75! Ya little beauty!
Erm! Now what to do with my winnings?


  1. well whatever u work as u can spend it on that so if u were a baker u could spend it on ingredients or a cooker or a sport coach u could spend it on games or footballs or if u were a teacher u could spend it on books,games,posters e.c.t.....

  2. Or I could just spend it on my hols!