Friday, March 30, 2012

Sweet dreams are made of this.

All packed for Kuala Lumpur. Leaving at stupid o'cock in the morning and will get there on Sunday morning. I really want to sleep on the flight so that I'm not totally zonked for the next few days. I did something I've never done before. I went in search of two sleeping tablets. One for the flight out and the other for the return.
Everyone had advice.....and most people had "something" to relax me. I explained again that I'm not a nervous flier (pardon the pun). I want to SLEEP. I was given a guaranteed remedy.
Drowsy cough bottle!
I went in search of it to the local chemist, which was no problem. Then I realised that I coudn't bring the bottle on board. So I looked around for a small, as in less than 100ml, screw tight container. I espied one and tested its lid.
It wouldn't budge. Score.
It was only when I looked at the label I realised what it was
A urine specimin container!
Can you imagine the looks on my fellow passengers' faces if I was to whip out that bottle and take a swig in mid flight!
I managed to find a proper travel container to use.
So now Percy Pig is ready to assist me in my slumbers....I hope.


  1. it is a pity about the bottle well hope you arrive ok and come back alright.

  2. im gonna go call my travel agent and see if i can book a flight so....what hotel are you staying at?

  3. Are ye one or two "anonymous"s???

  4. by the way my name is Michael but u can call me mike but you know that anyway so im 42 and i live in blanchardstown.i have 3 pet dogs,1 pig,2 snakes and a cat.i hope you do see me some day.
    mike xoxoxox

  5. hi its me again I just hope u have arrived safely

    love Mike xoxoxox

  6. Hi nols I hope u enjoy your hols
    Mike xoxo