Monday, March 26, 2012

Lights, Camera, Pee

Guess where we went yesterday?
Yes, up to the recording of The Voice of Ireland,
 as opposed to The Voice UK!
It bring a glorious sunny day, we decided to go the whole hog! We set off early and had dinner out. Accompanied by Drink #1.
We arrived at the Helix in loads of time, well time for Drink #2
It was an eye opener to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes or rather behind the cameras.
The judges arrived out and took their places.
 You had Kian from Westlife, one of the most successful boybands of all time, seller of zillions of records, about to perform to sell out audiences in Croke Park this summer. Yet, when there was a break, who did all the autograph hunters swarm around?
Yes, Bressie, the man from Mullingar!
Must be a bit of a kick in the arse!
Thoroughly enjoyed the show.
When it came to the second ad break Marese and I had to leg it up the steps and out the door.
Might have been the drinks having an effect.
  We were told that we had to be back before the break ended or we wouldn't get back in.  Luckily the toilets were just outside the door. So in we raced, did our business (!) washed our hands and ran back to our seats. All and all it could only have taken about a minute and a half. Yet as we were placing our bums on the seats, it was announced
"Quiet please. We are about to recommence."
What is that about?
At home the ads come on, I go to the kitchen, put on the kettle, go to the bathroom for a pitstop, back to kitchen, make a cup of tea, maybe even a slice of toast, wander back to the sofa and say
"Are those damn ads STILL on?"
Time is relative!


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