Monday, March 12, 2012

Dot, dot, dot

I have lost track of the number of times I have heard parents say
“Oh my child is a wizard on the computer.”
and when I delve further I discover that
“No, your child is not a computer genius. They can Google, use Facebook and download lots of illegal stuff……..but that’s about it.”

So in order to rectify this, my kids can now e-mail me some of their homework every evening. They have had to learn…..
i.e I have had to teach them
how to send an e-mail, add an attachment and to file their work into various folders.

Of course setting it up involved a lot more work than I had envisaged! The main concern for any teacher is that the process will be abused.  So when I broke it to them that their e-mail account was only for school work and both myself and their parents would have their password, there were cries of indignation from them.
“But Miss.  They are our accounts. No one else has the right to look at them!”
What? You’re twelve years old. Of course I can.

Soon we were all set up with special school accounts.  The pupils' passwords were based loosely on their dates of birth. My password on the other hand was completely random…..just in case I had a child hacker!

The other day I was explaining something to them on the Interactive whiteboard, that involved me logging into my account in full view of them all. When it came to typing in my password, it was just displayed as
on the screen.

One bright spark just had to comment
“Miss, if our passwords are based on our date of birth, you’ve got an AWFUL lot of dots!!!”