Sunday, February 5, 2012


Genevieve and I hadn't managed to catch up for the past two months. Little things like Christmas and the New Year got in the way. And then I was busy doing the panto while Genevieve's school was involved in a whole school inspection. In our 25 years of friendship I don't recall her ever being so stressed. Thankfully it was finished this week and that called for a girlie night out to unwind.
I hadn't realised exactly how long it was since we met until she arrived with my birthday pressie in hand!
Actually as a child I hated my birthday being at Christmas as I only got presents once a year. I always wanted my birthday to be in July. Well, if the Queen can have two birthdays, why can't I?
So it was really nice to be able to rip open a present in February.
While in the kitchen, Genevieve looked around and asked
"What's that on your wall?"
"Eh, it's a calendar, you know, the thing with dates on it."
"But why is there a semi-naked young man on it, showing off his quite impressive abs."
"Oh that. Well you see, last year one of the topics for debate in class was Team Edward or Team Jacob. The girls asked me which team I supported and I said Jacob's. Then when I opened a Christmas present from one of them it was a Taylor Lautner calender. I didn't go out and buy it for myself."
"But that's wrong Noeleen. What age is he?"
"Emm. About 19 I suppose."
"If he was in Lucan Community College, I'd be his Year Head Teacher!"
"Oh for God sake. Forget about school. Anyway, it would be wrong to discard a gift from a child. Also, it is functional. I look at it and know the date. And that's my story and I'm sticking to it."
"Really. Well, we have been looking at it for the past few minutes, so without peeking, tell me......what date is it today?"
"Oh, heck, let me see, I think it's, wait, it might be....were there numbers?."
"My point exactly!"

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