Sunday, February 12, 2012

My tribute to Whitney

I have just watched a tribute programme to Whitney Houston and I can't believe how saddened I am by her death. The really sad thing is that I am not shocked
shocked would be if.....say Michael Bublé was found in similar circumstances.
Unfortunately her deterioration has been well documented over the past years. It did seem somewhat inevitable. But that doesn't make the utter waste of talent and beauty any less heartbreaking.
Being in my hayday in the 80's I was very aware of the comparisons that were made between the two music divas of the day, namely Whitney and Madonna.
Whitney was cast as the clean living, gospel singing, perfect role model, singing  innocent type songs , such as "How will I know?"
Madonna was her nemesis, a bra-exposing, loud mouthed "slut", who was singing  risque lyrics such as "Like a virgin."
What do you mean, she wasn't an actual virgin!
It was generally believed that it would be Madonna who would meet an untimely ending, due to the fact that she was probably up to all sorts of no good.
Seems we got that horribly wrong as well.

I'm truly saddened.