Friday, February 24, 2012

Like father, like son.

Ideal world

On my way to my school every morning I pass by a few other Primary schools. On Monday morning I noticed a dad walking his Junior Infant son to one of these schools. I noticed him because he (dad) had his arm in a cast.
As a result, I have noticed him every morning this week. Seeing as I'm not like clockwork, sometimes I meet him at one end of the village, other times he is nearer the school, depending on how late I am!
This morning I felt like stopping the car and shaking him. The reason......?
Every single morning he has been walking along....texting as he does so. He completely ignores his son who is ambling along beside him. I can't say for sure, but maybe this is the only time of the day when they can have a father-son chat and have a little bonding. There are loads of things he could point out and I'm sure millions of questions he could answer IF HE WOULD JUST PUT DOWN THE FECKING PHONE AND LISTEN TO HIS KID!
No wonder kids are now starting school with very limited vocabulary despite the fact that we live in "The Age of Communication" arse!
And, No parents. You don't have to buy the latest DVD that will teach your child the top 100 essential words. All you have to do is TALK TO THEM!
There, rant over!