Monday, February 13, 2012

Highway to Heaven

I got this fabulous story from my friend Sinéad.
Her sister, brother-in-law and their three young daughters were heading down the country for an aunt's funeral. When they got to the toll bridge there was a bit of a tad-to at the barrier. Dad put the money in, but it spewed out again and the barrier didn't raise. He tried again, same thing happened. Irate drivers were beginning to honk their horns behind him. Suddenly an American drawl came over the intercom.
"If you wanna reach your destination, you gotta put your money in the basket, Bud."
The girls thought this was hilarious and were still giggling over it when Dad eventually got the barrier sorted.

They made it to the funeral mass. It came to offertory collection time.
As the wicker basket was passed under the nose of the four year old daughter, she proudly announced to the silent congregation in her loudest American drawl
"If you wanna reach your destination, you gotta put your money in the basket, Bud!"
There was a sharp intake of breath and her parents didn't know where to look. But as if it was a Mexican wave, all shoulders in the church began to shake in silent laughter.
You have never seen Catholics dig so deep into their pockets in all your life. In fact, I think the priest wants her to make a guest appearance at 11 o'clock mass every Sunday!