Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beyond excited!

Easter time is approaching and thoughts turn to far flung exotic places. However this year I was on a bit of a downer. All my female friends have gone and found themselves partners
Happy for them
But that leaves me without a travelling partner for holidays.
Sad for me.
So I got to thinking about the friends I have dotted all over the world. One friend I really wanted to catch up with was Gerardine. So I sent her a message. It went something like this...

"Hi there Ger, I was thinking about holidays and wondering if your offer to come and visit you still stands?
I paused here for a moment. You know the way you blurt out that invite, even when you don't always mean it??? Maybe it was that way with Ger. Oops, better give her an opt out clause!
If you already have plans for Easter, there is no problem."

A few moments later came the reply
"Oh my goodness. I'd LOVE if you did."
Oh happy days.
This evening I booked my ticket and am on my way to .........
Anyone I have mentioned it to has wrinkled their brow in deep thought and said
"Isn't that where Raquel went off to when she left Curly in Coronation Street?
That's the very place!

So now I have pressing matters to attend to like the mandatory holiday diet and planning of holiday wardrobe. People just keep saying
"You lucky bitch! Imagine having a friend in Kuala Lumpar."
I know I am........but on reflection I have to point out that I had a major part in steering her life in that direction.
Please excuse this reposting as it sums up a pivotal moment in our lives.
Woo hoo!