Monday, February 6, 2012

An average Saturday night in Mullingar

Saturday night saw myself and Genevieve heading into Mullingar for dinner and a catch up chat. First topic of  conversation was the aging process!
"What I hate is the fact that you think you are holding your own and you look pretty good for your age. Then suddenly....wham, you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and you do a double take.  Who is that person???" I complained.
"My problem is with forgetting things. I can't remember where I've put my keys, or what I've just been talking about." Genevieve added.
"Excuse me, are you ready to order?" our waiter interrupted.
"Certainly," we replied and gave our order.
As he walked away Genevieve turned to me with a quizzical look on her face.
"What were we talking about before this?"
"Eh, memory loss?" I replied.
Our guffaws of laughter had everyone turn to look at us. I thought we were going to be thrown out!

We soon forgot all our worries and woes. We headed off down the street seeking mirth and laughter. There was a slight drizzle falling so Genevieve put up her umbrella.
"What on earth is that?" I asked.
"Oops, I picked up Sadhbh's Barbie umbrella by mistake!"
"Well I'd rather drown than be seen under that."
In order to avoid untold embarrassment, we went into the first pub we passed. The place was jumping.
"Why is there a gaggle of girlies thronging the dj's box?" we wondered.
Being the nosey types we made our way through the crowd. We soon saw the reason.
DJ Bressie!

Now I hope you appreciate the subterfuge that I had to go through to get this grainy photo. All the other girlies were openly taking photos of their crush. But we were beyond that. So Genevieve just "happened"  to stand in the vicinity of the stage while I took her photo. But you know I'm not great at photography and didn't I miss her completely!

At least this one is clearer....though I have no idea who that guy is on the right!

MUCH later on the way home, Genevieve managed to meet the only person who didn't run away in horror from the Barbie umbrella!

Now where will they put the statue of Bressie?

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