Saturday, January 7, 2012

Testing times for us all.

Yesterday was a momentous day in Roxy's life......her first NCT! In fact it was my first time to have to bring any car for the test. A real sign of the times I suppose. I haven't had a four year old car since the testing was brought in. I bought a new car every two years.
Ah God be with the days of the Celtic Tiger!
Now I figure that Roxy and I will be together til one of us kicks the bucket. I really love her and all that, but I sure as hell hope that she goes first!

She had her full service recently so she was in tip top condition on the inside. I spent the morning vacuuming, polishing, washing and buffing until she was gleaming on the outside.
Well I figure first impressions imply to cars as well as to people.
I was sitting back drinking a well earned cup of tea, looking out the window at her and admiring my handiwork, when it reappeared.....

This is the third year in a row he has made an appearance BUT WHY CHOOSE TODAY OF ALL DAYS?
 I know I am making assumptions here
1. I am assuming it is the same bird.
2. I am presuming that it is a HE. I have seen enough wildlife programmes to know that it is the male of the species who claims his territory. So this bird sees his reflection in Roxy's wing mirror, starts to fight and literally frightens the shit out of himself and deposits it all down her side!
But don't quote me on that. I am no expert on.....birds.
I was about to say "tits", but I am only an expert on my own!
 I went out begrudgingly to wipe her clean again. Then I remembered the old saying
"Shittin' luck is good luck."
Personally I can't see how a bird crapping on you can possibly be good luck, but Roxy would need all the help she could get today.

Off we went to the testing centre. I handed in my documentation and keys and sat in the waiting room with all the other nervous drivers. There were large glass windows overlooking the garage. I saw Roxy being driven in. She was subsequently rocked and rolled, tweaked and prodded and generally defiled!
Half an hour later she came to the end of the production line and was driven out. The moment of truth.
I haven't been as nervous since I was waiting for my Leaving Cert results.
I turned to the man beside me
"This is like waiting outside a delivery room!"
He looked in surprise and then burst out laughing.
"Jayus, don't say that. The last time I was there, I left with twins!"

My mechanic appeared behind the reception desk and slid back the glass. I approached in trepidation.
He had my keys......and the certificate in his hand.
YIPEE! She had passed with flying colours!
With the help of that blasted Blue Tit!
Glad we don't have to go through that for another two years.