Thursday, January 19, 2012

Irelande - douze points!

It's panto season again.
Oh yes it is!
As I'm not treading the boards this year, but rather working backstage, I went up to my first Cinderella rehearsals in Leixlip this week. Things took a bit longer than expected....which is to be expected when it's the first time it's performed on stage! There was a slight dilema as then Joe McCaul aka Buttons had missed his lift home.
If that name sounds familiar you are right. He is the Joe-half of Joe and Donna McCaul who represented Ireland in the Eurovision 2005 in Ukraine.

As he is a fellow Westmeathian I did the Good Samarithian thing and offered him a lift back to Kinnegad.
We got into Roxy and headed off into the night! Soon we were cruising down the M4 with The Script blaring in the CD player. Being in post-rehearsal gidddy humour, we found ourselves singing along.
Then it struck me.....
OMG! I'm singing with a Eurovision entrant!!!
Now there's something to tell my grandchildren.........oh wait a minute.