Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hair-raising experience

One of the best things about meeting up for a Girls' Night In/Out is hearing loads of stories. This is my favourite anecdote from the other night.
A friend's friend was under pressure at work because she had a new boss and was due to give her first presentation. That morning she was up bright and early, showered and groomed in her new suit. Last minute she decided that it would look more professional if she wore her hair up, so she grabbed a butterfly clip from the drawer.
The presentation went very well. The PowerPoint slides all worked perfectly and she had graphs and charts to support her ideas. Her audience including her new boss seemed to be fixated on her every move. Still, she heaved a sigh of relief when it was over. She gathered up her stuff and went back to her desk.
Her colleague glanced up at her and then did a double-take.
"What is that in your hair?" she shrieked.
She put her hand through her hair and pulled out the butterfly clip. There dangling by a string was.........
a tampon!
She had conducted the entire presentation with it swinging around on the back of her head, like one of those corks on a Aussie's hat!
No wonder they couldn't take their eyes off her!!
Her initial reaction was to pack up her belongings, walk out the door and never come back. Luckily her colleague managed to talk her out of doing something rash.
"But how will I ever face my boss," she howled.
"Don't worry about it. I can guarantee he will never EVER mention it to you!"
And do you know what, he hasn't yet!!!