Monday, December 12, 2011

Things you don't consider about being a cougar!

My friend Ger often has to sleep over at her work. She was dozing off the other night when she heard
Scratch, scratch!
Having just read my blog she immediately thought
OMG! There's a mouse here too!
She waited, paralyzed with fear. Nothing!
Phew. I must have imagined it.
She went to snuggle down under the duvet.....and heard it again.
This pattern went on for quite a while. Silence, followed by her relaxing, followed by the noise again.
She eventually plucked up the courage to get out and turn on the light. She then saw what was causing it.
The duvet had slipped down the bed and was touching a wickerwork basket at the foot of the bed. Every time she moved, it made the scraping noise.
Damn Noeleen and her feckin' mice. She has us all paranoid!
That's what friends are for!.
My house, on the other hand, is now a mousefree zone, thanks to my new gadget.

There hasn't been as much as a scratch since I installed it. Not only does it deter mice, it also can be heard by spiders and TEENAGERS!
I just hope that Caroline Flack doesn't have one her in house or her "boyfriend" Harry will never be able to sleep over!!!
The perils of being a cougar.


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