Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The mouse saga continues. Mouse #1 was captured and disposed of by my brother. We reset the trap and left it in the attic.
Where there is one mouse, there is always another one.....or twenty!
I opened the trapdoor to the attic and pulled down the stairs.
Thud. Something grazed my shoulder and landed on the floor.
"What was that?", I pondered as I looked around. I nearly lost my life. There was the mousetrap
The poor little creature looked up at me, leg caught in trap.
I felt physically sick.
Damn. I searched for that mousetrap as it was supposed to be humane as it killed the mouse instantly. WTF?
I had a flashback to when this happened before. I had to hit the mouse with a brush to put it out of its misery.....and then spent the rest of the night sobbing on the couch over my cruelty. People told me I should have drowned the mouse as it was less painful.
But I ran into the kitchen, got a bucket and filled it with tepid water.
Well it would be awful to give it a cold watery grave.
Once again, apologising to the poor creature, I scooped it up on the dustpan and put it into the water.
However, the trap came off and the little mouse began swimming around the bucket, trying to clamber out .
I could take no more. I figured that if it had survived being caught in a trap, falling from the attic and a potential drowning, then he deserved a pardon.
 I scooped him out of the water in the aforementioned dustpan and brought him out to the bottom of the garden. He was released into the wild.
I don't know what happened to him, whether he died of hypothermia or made it back to my house before I even closed the door.
All I know is, I can't do this cruelty anymore. I'm investing in one of those gadgets that emit a high pitched noise that only mice can hear.. It wrecks their heads, so they pack up their packs and move out.
Please God, let that work! 


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