Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Back Row: Niall, Emma, Barry
Front Row: Finian, Ruby, Marese.

Here is Ireland's newest reality tv family.....the Lynams of Wardenstown!.
On Christmas morning we were all glued to our tellys watching Alice In Wonderland from the Royal Opera House in London. No, we haven't become culture vultures overnight. It was just that we were hoping to get a glimpse of Barry. Not in tights and tutu, I hasten to add, but he works as stage engineer over there.
There was some footage of the work that went into setting up the stage beforehand. There were squeals of delight when the camera panned around backstage and we saw Barry....for a whole two seconds.
"Well, son," said Finian proudly. "You must be really important there."
"Thanks Dad. But why do you say that?"
"Because you're the only one standing there, while everyone else is running around like headless chickens!"
Yes, that's the sign of a person in charge!
Then last night, the expended Lynam clan were all assembled in their respective houses, glued to
Ireland's Top TV Moments 2011 on TV3.
It was Emma's first foray into the world of script writing.
I managed to predict four of the top five.
More squeals of delight when the credits rolled and there was her name in lights.
So what's next for this new celebrity family!
Niall on The Arts Show
Finian on Crimeline
Marese on Desperate Housewives
Daisy and Ruby on Pets gone wild???
Me on Take me out!!!