Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas high spirits.

The week before Christmas is a nightmare for any Primary school teacher. The children are hyper - minds full of Santy, blood full of sugar from selection boxes! Children that are normally very well behaved can sometimes lose the run of themselves.
 I was leaving the classroom at break when I heard a slight kerfuffle behind me. I turned to see a group of my girls looking pseudo-innocently at me.
I went into the staffroom. One of my colleagues started to laugh and removed one of those little gold stickers that they put on apples, from my back. It happened to have been a "Granny Smith" one!
Those little bi-atches!!!
When I went back to the classroom I didn't say anything. I just handed out their Christmas Science test.
I figured that was punishment enough for anyone!

As they were handing back their papers, one of the girls slipped me this note.

Ah, bless! How could you not love those kids?