Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bushtucker Trial

Streaming eyes, runny nose and sneezes that measure 8 on the Richter Scale. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday, NOT!
So instead of heading out on the town that night, I was snuggled up on the couch, lemsip in one hand, remote control in the other.
Strictly Come Dancing. Check
Gosh, that Harry fella is hot!
The X Factor. Check.
Getting bored already.
What else is there? Ah, the final of I'm a Celebrity......
I have never been an avid watcher of that programme, and now I know why! Watching two guys eating the nether regions of animals is not what I'd constitute as light Saturday night viewing.
Penis, anus and testicles were all on the menu. Hope that doesn't catch on in Slimming World.
Though come to think of it, the weight would fall off me if that was all I could eat!

Today I ventured up to the attic to see if my rodent visitor had been captured. I turned on the light and squinted in the direction of the trap.
I don't mean the trap was empty, I mean it was GONE.
Feck. That means a mouse was trapped but managed to wander off. I bought these new fangled traps that  are supposed to be lethal and kill the critter outright and not leave it in pain. I glanced around....and spied the trap and a tail bedded in the insulation.
 No movement.
Thank God it's dead.
I gingerely put out my hand to pick up the trap.
Couldn't do it.
Come on Noeleen, you don't have to touch it. It's designed so that you can dispose of the mouse at the flick of a button....but you have to get it outside first.
My hand wavered, began to tremble and then I uttered the words of defeat
I did the helpless female thing, and called on my brother.I guess there is no dinner in camp for me tonight!