Saturday, December 31, 2011


It was the eve of New Year's Eve. I met up with the girlies in Fiona's house for a few drinks and nibblies. As the effects of the alcohol kicked in, we ventured downtown to Club Bed.
Now, Its actual name is just Bed, but it gets kinda embarrassing.
"Where did you meet your boyfriend?"
"In Bed."
"Where did ye girls end up last night?"
"In Bed."
And so on......
The place was jammed on account of the night that was in it. We were stuck right in the way of everyone trying to pass by on the way to the bar/dancefloor/toilets.
It's all about location!
One very goodlooking guy went by, and made eye contact. He stopped to talk and actually made sense!. As Antoinette already has a boyfriend, she winked at me, announced "I'm going to the bar" and promptly left the two of us.
We were getting on really well, chatting about where we were from and who we knew in common
Typical Irish converstion.
Suddenly a woman appeared at his elbow and glared at him. He smiled at me sheepishly and uttered the immortal line
"Sorry. Have to go. That's the wife."
I was still standing with my mouth open, when Antoinette appeared back a few minutes later.
"Well, where is he? How did ye get on?"
"Just let me say, that as a wing-woman, you suck!"

Half an hour later, Antoinette turned to me and said
"She's still down there, giving him grief."
Proper order!