Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why machines are better than men!

My friend Majella got her new iphone 4s. She was practising by sending a message to her husband.
"Brian", she commanded.
"Brian, husband", responded the dulcet tones of the man hidden in the phone.
"I will be home at seven tonight."
"Message sent".
Forgetting what she was talking to, Majella automatically finished by saying
"Thank you."
She realised her mistake and felt quite foolish.
Imagine thanking a machine.
"Your satisfaction is all the thanks I need!" came the response from the phone.
She nearly fell off the chair with shock. She couldn't remember the last time someone said that to her!

When she got home at seven o'clock, poor Brian was chastisied.
"You so need to get the iPhone attitude!"
Men, you have a lot to live up to!