Thursday, November 10, 2011

Simple Machines

In science class today we were discussing simple machines and how they develop into more sophisticated ones over the years. We took the example of a washing machine and traced its history.
  • beating your clothes off a rock in a river (preferably after taking them off first!)
  • hand washing them in a tub at home and then squeezing them through a roller to wring them out
  • a twin tub, where a machine washed them but you had to transfer them into a spinner
  • our modern day machines, in which you throw your clothes, press a button and come back when they're washed and spun (at least that's what I do!)
We then went on to predict what the washing machines of the future will be able to do.
"So if you were to develop a new washing machine, what other tasks would you make sure it could do, to make life easier for us?"
Most of the children decided that what was needed was a machine that would gather your clothes off the floor and actually put them into the machine for you.
"Very good class. That would be very useful."
"But Miss," said my smart Alec. "That's already been invented. It's called "Your mother"!
I know his mother well. She'd kill him if I told her what he said!!!


  1. The new cleaning equipment needs to be water free. Your clothes will be cleaned by spinning them in front of ionic rays, the next stage will be to fold them, finally the robotic assistant will put them away all neat and tidy.

    I need a drink now after all that brain exertion!