Sunday, November 13, 2011

The rhythm is going to get you.

First it was invites to 21st birthday parties, then it was to 30ths, onto 40ths and now its the 50ths! And they get bettter and better.
I headed up to Leixlip for one of the above.
I won't say which!
It still being November, I am sticking to the Coke. Oops, let me quickly verify that..... I am still on the Coca Cola. Liz had driven over as well, so she was teetotalling too.
The band started and we were up on the floor. It was right up our alley, you know, music with words that you can hear! Queen medleys, followed by a bit of A-Ha, with Footloose thrown in for good measure. This was then followed by a good old disco, with more of the same. It was better than any aerobics workout.
I eventually left the floor and got my coat to head back home. When some of the other party-goers saw me with my car keys in my hand they exclaimed
"You're not driving? What if you're stopped?"
"It's ok. I haven't been drinking."
"What?? Judging by the moves you were making on the dancefloor, we were sure you had been drinking!"
I know a couple of guards who thought the exact same thing last weekend!!!


  1. It is a strange mentality that thinks a person has to be drunk before they can let their hair down- is it not ?