Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome to my Crib......I wish.

Isn't it wonderful the way one little daydream can change a mundane activity into a magical moment?
This afternoon I went into the pool in Mullingar Park Hotel for my mandatory swim. Usually there are a few people racing up and down the pool or lounging in the jacuzzi. But this afternoon there wasn't another sinner in sight.
I slid into the water and began my lengths. It was so glorious to have the place all to myself. I didn't have to check for other swimmers trying to cut me off at the pass. I could do front crawl, breaststroke and back crawl to my heart's content.

I indulged myself in a little daydream.......that this was actually MY pool. You know, like the houses on Cribs.The only difference is, I would actually use MY pool! It wouldn't just be for decoration.
I then spent some time in MY steamroom and MY jacuzzi.

Feeling very relaxed I headed off for MY changing room. As I approached the door, another woman exited, adjusting her goggles. I was in such good form, all I could think was
No problem. Just go ahead and use MY pool.
God, I'm so nice!