Saturday, October 8, 2011

A set-to with set dancers

Last week I was called upon to help out backstage with Bradán Players production of Misery.
Yep, the scary Katie Bates one!
The best thing about working backstage is that you come in on the last week of rehearsals. And you still get the buzz from being on stage....even if it is in the dark!
No learning lines off and rehearsing for months!
Thursday was opening night. I arrived up an hour beforehand to help get things sorted and checked. I saw our director in an animated conversation with the chairman of the GAA club (where the play was being staged) and another woman that I didn't recognise.
I went to my post backstage and it was then that I learned about the REAL drama that was going on.The hall was double booked and there was going to be SET DANCING taking place simultaneously behind a partition in the hall.
Now for any over-seas readers who are not au fait with the energy and noise created by set dancers, just think Riverdancers.....on Speed!
Tom, our director was trying to explain that there was no way that our play could be performed or heard over such a racket, but they were having none of it. He tried to reach a compromise by offering the use of our nearby dance studio which had a wooden floor and nice big mirrors! But the comment was
"Well you use it then!"
Eh, but look at the size of our set. What do we do with that?"
At the end of it all we had to cancel our opening night. I know the old adage
The show must go on.
Well not this time.
There is no way two actors could compete with forty Michael Flately-wannabes hot footing it around the place.
So tonight was opening night, just 24 hours late.Posted by Picasa
No set dancers were harmed in the taking of this photo!