Thursday, October 13, 2011

A load of bull

One of the most rewarding moments for me as a teacher is when a pupil transfers what they have learned in one subject to another subject area.
This morning's Irish lesson was on the Aimsir Caite (that is past tense for all my non-Irish readers!)
We changed every possible verb we could think of into the past tense.
Phew, that's that done. They won't forget that in a hurry.
Then in the afternoon in English lesson, it was time for Masculine and Feminine of nouns.
Always a tricky one!
As the publishers were obviously catering for children from a farming background, they were asked to give the feminine of bullock. The dreaded question.......
"Miss, what's the difference between a bull and a bullock?"
Eh, how do I explain that without the boys passing out in fear?
One of the farming lads came to my rescue.
"Easy, bull is the Aimsir Caite of bullock!"
Perfectly explained.

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