Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stress relief

One of the little quaint things about working in a rural Irish school is that every September kids take the day off to attend the Ploughing Championships.
One of my girls, K, arrived in this morning after such an absence. In order to sweeten Teacher she had a present for me!

Anti-Stress Kit

  • A rubber to make all those mistakes go away
  • A cent so you will never be completely broke again
  • A marble for those days when you've lost your own
  • An elastic to help you stretch beyond your limits
  • A string to hold it all together when it seems to be falling apart
  • And a chocolate treat to remind yoy that someone cares about you!
I feel like framing it with the message
In case of emergency, break glass.


  1. Hey N. really like that "anti stress" kit.I'n on holidays in California, and my friend has written it down, she 's gonna frame it! Crikey can hear chickens going bit mad next door, yes i'm staying in "rural" area in california!

  2. And the chocolate doesn't tempt you - how strange :)

  3. I'm waiting for the full box!