Saturday, September 10, 2011

My pet hates #1

Top of my list goes to
1. Smart arsed search engines.
You know what it's like. You're in a hurry and you have to google something. Okay, so maybe you're in too much of a rush and your fingers fumble over a few of the letters on the keyboard. But what pops up???

Oops! Internet Explorer could not find musshroooms.
Did you mean mushrooms?

What's with the condescending "Oops"?

What it's really saying is
"What sort of a f***ing moron are you? There are no such things as musshroooms. They're called feckin' mushrooms ya gobshite!"

Then it gets on a roll. It sneers....
"We have listed the websites for mushrooms. But if you are really thick, click on this link for musshroooms.

"But you won't get any sites there, because there are no such things as musshroooms. How many times have I to tell you, you imbecile!"

Sometimes I feel like clicking on the link, just to prove a point.
"See, you annoying machine. I really DID want musshroooms. SO THERE!"
But I don't, as the damn thing is always right.