Friday, September 9, 2011

Strictly Irish Dancing.

I love it when you're flicking through the channels and you find a little gem of a programme. Last night I stumbled across Strictly Irish Dancing! I know I know, its sounds like as much fun as sticking pins in your eyes but believe me, it was riveting stuff, honest.
I tuned in when they were discussing the costumes, fake tans and curly-wurly wigs. I just don't get it. I agree whole-heartedly with one of the interviewees. He was saying that a competitor in the World Championships would train as hard as an Olympian athlete. Yet they don these over the top costumes that make an entrant in "Tiaras and Tantrums" look like Shirley Temple. To me, they look like cartoon versions of themselves.
Ah I remember my Irish dancing days, back when it was as sexy as a slap in the face with a wet fish! I was the proud owner of an Irish dancing costume. Green, of course, with an embroidered Celtic design.

Many years later I was rushing home from college. There was a girl in front of me with a denim jacket embroidered with a similiar design. I thought it was the most beautiful item of clothing I had ever seen.
I was obviously still thinking about it 15 years later in 1999! We were in the staffroom and for some reason I mentioned my dream jacket. Angela, a colleague and great friend, replied
"I used to make Irish dancing costumes. I'll do it for you as a present seeing as you are moving to Abu Dhabi."
It was like winning the lotto!
So, three months later, as I was boarding a plane to the Middle East, I was wearing THE JACKET!

Gok, my fashion god, says you should clear out your wardrobe every so often, and get rid of anything you don't wear unless it is of sentimental value.
Well I may not wear it very often now, but this is the article of clothing I would rush back to save if the house went on fire. To me it is a work of Art. Angela embroidered it BY HAND, despite the fact that it was denim. Bless her, her fingers must have been bleeding after it.
She would have had it easier if she had been in a sweatshop!

As Mastercard would say
Denim Jacket  €50
Embroidery thread €45
The time, effort and love put into it   PRICELESS!
Thanks sooooo much Angela!


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