Sunday, September 11, 2011

History repeats itself.

Break my heart once, shame on you.
Break my heart twice, shame on me.

Does one ever forget the pain of unrequited love? That sensation of butterflies in your stomach when you think you might get a mere glimpse of him, even if it is from a distance. The pang of pain when you realise that he doesn't even know that you exist. The nights spent sobbing into your pillow because you've heard rumours that link him with another girl.
Ah yes, Gary Barlow you have a lot to answer for. You broke my heart in the days of yore!
Mine, and those of a million other girls.

I even lost friends in the the great Gary vs Robbie debate. Okay, so he wasn't as cheeky as Robbie and was known as the chubby one of Take That, but I could see beyond that and recognise the real beauty that lay within.

But I grew up and matured. I look back on those days with a rye smile and think
"Bless. Those girlie crushes were all a part of growing up and preparing me for the real world. Falling for a guy that you only see on the telly or in a magazine is the stuff of adolescents. Thank God I've outgrown all that stuff and can differentiate between reality and fantasy."

Autumn has been heralded in with the departure of the swallows and the arrival of The X-Factor. Miles of gossip columns have been filled with the news of the replacement of Simon Cowell with my very own Gary.
I have been watching it on and off over the last couple of weekends. Today, being a lazy Sunday saw me catching up on last night's auditions. As I looked at Gary I suddenly felt those same old butterflies begin to flutter. It suddenly struck me.
Damn. That man is HOTTER than ever!
Yes, the years have been extremely kind to Mr. Barlow. Definately yummy-Daddy material.
So much for having matured over the decades. I am once again reduced to a giggly heap of hormones.

He will definately make the long cold winter nights more bearable! But it will all end in tears again, I just know it!