Saturday, September 24, 2011

Always dance as if no one is looking.

What to do on a Saturday afternoon?
Well this Saturday myself and Theresa headed to Dublin to see Thriller Live, the musical based on the music of Michael Jackson.
We didn't go alone. We brought Theresa's two daughters and the nine year old daughter of another friend,.
It's not that Martina is an uncaring mother! The reason she couldn't go was because she was in Trinity  College, studying for her PhD.  A noble cause I know, but I still think our idea of how to spend a Saturday afternoon was much more fun!
On the way into the Grand Canal Theatre we broke it gently to the girls that we would be up dancing in the aisles during the show. After all we had years of practise in The Beehive disco......many, many moons ago.
There were  gasps of  horror, coupled with shrieks of
"You can't be serious. If you do that, we're walking out."
We pointed out that as they were all well under the age of being able to drive, they were stuck with us and we could do damn well what we liked!
The show started and sure enough, about fifteen minutes in, the audience were called upon to stand up and dance.
Theresa and I didn't need a second invitation. We were up and grooving with the best of them.
Hey, I've done enough panto to realise the importance of audience participation!.
The girls were cowered down in their seats, covering their faces. Then Ellie Anne uttered the immortal words.
"OMG! I am so embarrassed.....and I'm not even your child!"

Ah bless. they're still young. They will soon grow up and realise how to have real fun. How wonderful to reach the age when you don't give a toss about whether other people are looking at you or not.
Just do it!

The Girlies and I.....before they disowned me!

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