Monday, August 8, 2011

Something had to give!

Ger and I went down to Foleys to watch the Dublin-Tyrone match. Seeing as I am here for a month, there is no way my body/liver is able for a seisiún every night, so every few days I have a dry-day ie no alcohol AT ALL.
Very difficult to do on a holiday, especially here.
There I was on a bar stool among all the Dubs when suddenly
Oh, I don't feel very well. I'm kinda light-headed.
I said nothing for a moment hoping it would pass. But it began to get worse. Then I began to panic.
Please God, don't let me faint and fall off a bar stool. No one will believe that I am drinking water.
Ger turned to say something to me and saw that I was slightly distressed.
"Are you okay?"
"No, I think I'm going to faint!"
"Jesus, I'll get you a glass of water."
"But I'm already drinking water."
"I'll bring you out for a breath of fresh air."
"But its stiffling hot outside. Its cooler in here in the air conditioning."
"Oh yeah. Well sit down on a chair and see what happens."
By this time I had managed to get the attention of the whole pub and immediatley I was given loads of advice and offered any type of drug imaginable!
Motillium, Neurophen, Panadol and lots I'd never even heard of! I felt really guilty that I didn't feel sicker to warrant all this attention!
"I'll just go up home and sleep. I think that's the best cure."
Soon I was tucked up in my bed...
well no, not tucked. Its far to warm for that!
I was sprawled out on my bed at 11pm and I slept soundly til 11 the next morning.

Ger gave me a lecture over breakfast.
"Noeleen you are doing far too much. You are getting up at half nine or ten to go swimming, you are heading off on your bike some days and then at night we are out til four, five or six in the morning. Then you are up again at all hours. Something has to give........
I think you should give up that swimming!"
Atta girl, Ger. get your priorities right!
After a good night's rest and recuperation I am as right as rain and ready for the remaining ten days/nights!

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