Monday, August 1, 2011

Nailbiting experience.

We were having our lunch when in strolled Adem, bearing a war wound. His thumb was tightly bandaged and blood was seeping out the side of it.

Being the caring sort that we are, we exclaimed
"Yeuck. Do you mind? We're trying to eat here!"
We relented and asked what was wrong. He said the top of it was gone! We were horrified but then we discovered that things had gotten lost in translation. It was just his nail that was gone.
So that's okay then Ted.
Lots of possibilities for this amputation raced through my head. But nothing could beat the actual truth.
It seems his friend faints at the sight of blood. During football the previous evening there had been a squirmish that involved blood and .......thud, his friend collasped. But worse than that, his tongue went back down his throat and he began to choke!
Adem, being the good friend that he is, put his fingers in to pull it up.
His friend involuntarily clamped down on his thumb, slicing through it. Ouch, ouch, ouch!
"I bet you cried like a girl!"
"No I didn't. I screamed like a baby!"
Friend was revived, but Adem ended up in hospital where they had to remove the nail.
Ger looked across the table at me.
"I know you're a great friend, Lynam. But if you start to choke I'm afraid you're on your own. Amin't I just after getting my Shellac nails done. I'm not risking them even for you!"

Huh. Sweet!