Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kiss my frog!

I arrived down at the pool for my morning swim. I put out my towel on the sun lounger, threw the keys of the apartment on it and replaced my sunglasses with my goggles. Into the pool with me and I swam up and down, up and down......
Exhausted, I dragged myself out, made my way over to the sun lounger and plonked myself down.
I let out a bloodcurdling scream that rebounded around the pool and I shot up as quickly as I had sat down. A searing pain shot through my right buttock!
I had plonked my arse on the keys, which were red hot from being in the sun. I was literally branded like a maverick in the Wild West.

Great, I now have the imprint of a frog on my arse!


  1. Photo s please .

  2. Sorry but there are some things that should never be published and one of them is a photo of my arse!!!

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