Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm getting help, whether I need it or not!

The Internet is a very, very scary place. I have noticed that whenever I even vaguely mention something in a blog, within seconds ads for related objects appear on the page. And its not just on my blog page. The same ads will appear on my Facebook and Yahoo pages. Our every thought is being monitored and exploited. It doesn't help that I insist on blabbing, I mean blogging about myself!
The other evening I left the laptop open on my Facebook page. Ger took it up to check her account. She took one look and exclaimed
"Jesus. Where I usually have ads for dating agencies, you have one for.......The Samaritans!"
And sure enough, there it was in big, bold lettters

Feeling suicidial? Depressed? You are not alone. Contact us etc. etc. etc

Now I would have considered myself to be quite a happy-go-lucky, laid-back, optimistic sort of person. I am very content with my lot in life, thank you very much. But now I am feeling a little suicidial.

I mean, if The Samaritans feel the urge to cold call you, you must be in dire need of help, right?