Friday, August 26, 2011

Food for thought

It was a glorious morning so I set off on my walk to make the most of my last few mornings of freedom.
Now I know that every person reading this who is not involved in the teaching profession is groaning and saying
"For feck sake. Pity about her. She has been off all summer swanning around Turkey. About time she did a bit of work. No wonder the country is in the state it's in."
And in reply I say
"It doesn't make it any easier and I'll wallow in self pity if I want to. And anyway its corrupt polititans and bankers who are the cause of our collaspe not me!!!"
Ahem! Back to my walk!
I was engrossed in my own thoughts and plans when suddenly my eye was caught by a blaze of colour. There was a bush laden down with red, succelent berries. I have never seen so many or so early in the year.

I stood back and soaked in the beauty for a few moments....and then the pessimistic thoughts began to creep in. Now I am no sage on reading Nature's sign, like that postman up in Donegal who has forecast our arctic winters for the past two years, but I do remember Granda Lynam telling us as children
"If there is an abundance of berries, its a sign of hardship. It is Nature's way of providing food for the birds in the impending harsh winter."
Bloody brilliant.
Now I have to order a refill of heating oil and contact Michael Boyle to fix my wonky radiator in the hall.
Bah. Humbug!