Friday, August 12, 2011

A change is gonna come!

I do worry about the amount of damage I am doing to the ozone layer as a result of all the hairspray that is used in the creation of one of my hairstyles. They don't believe in hair clips here. Its all cemented together! And the pain I go through trying to get it out in the morning.
I was getting it done the other evening when I had a Jedward moment! Me being me, had to whip out my ever present camera and take a photo. One thing about the Turks, they are not photo shy. Once a camera appears everyone gathers around to get in on the action.

After the impromtu photo sessuion was over, Private Peter Mark gestured something. I took it that he wanted to see the photo that was taken of us two weeks ago. I went back through all my photos....absolutely mortified, as the four of them were looking over my shoulder and you know yourself! Its at moments like that you begin to wonder
Just what is on my camera???
Anyway after numberous photos of me with my arms wrapped around various Turkish waiters, we got to the photo of Private Peter Mark asking me for my autograph. Everyone burst out laughing and Peter went scarlet! I didn't know what was wrong til Ibrahim said
"Ten days ago. Same shirt!"
Sure enough, he was wearing the same one today.

Flashback to two weeks previous

The ribbing started. We were all in the fits laughing. I have no Turkish but the language of slagging is universal.
Ya gobshite!
What are ya like? The same shirt?
Do ya change once a month or wha?
You're mingin'

Bless him. I have promised to send him a new teeshirt from Ireland when I get home.

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