Saturday, August 6, 2011

At one with Mother Earth

This is the view from our back balcony. When I was a child my favourite Ladybird book was Rapunzel. The poor man's pregnant wife used to gaze over the wall into the witch's garden at the rows of fresh green cabbages and pine for one.
Them auld hormones are bitches!
This garden always reminds me of that, though I prefer to pop around to the local greengrocer for my vegetables. Far less hassle!

The other afternoon I had to come up from the pool as I was far too warm. I sat on the balcony sipping an ice cold glass of water and gazing over the surrounding countryside. My eye was caught by four women working away in the field.

Women do the work here, the men sit in the shade outside the cafés playing a game like Backgammon.

I was fascinated by them. Firstly their clothes......they were wearing layers upon layers of heavy material. There I was sweltering in my swimsuit and sarong. They painstakingly moved up the rows picking leaves. They were bent over and only occasionally straightened up and rubbed their aching backs. Then two of them got large plastic buckets and gathered what I can only presume was fruit.
 My eyesight is crap at a distance!
Two more got a hose and started to water the plants.
Not once in the hour that I was spying on them did  any of them get a drink of water. I felt really guilty as I was swigging away at my glass as I was watching them. I really should have gone down with a bottle or two of water, but look at what happened in Rapunzel!

Watching them really got me thinking. They spend hours tending and nurturing their little plot of earth. With love, care and damn hard work this soil provides them with the means to sustain them. They take such pride in their task and obviously have an affinity with Mother Earth.
I thought, as I gulped down more water, legs resting on the opposite sunchair.
I hope that fecker David Duffy remembers to mow my lawn while I am away!!!

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