Friday, July 15, 2011

When you wish upon a star

For my god-daughter Sadhbh's First Holy Communion present I booked for her to have her photograph taken in Mullingar. It wasn't to be an ordinary photo. Using digital  wizardry she was to be transformed into a fairy.
In all honesty it didn't take much!
Sadhbh was sooooo excited about getting it done. Genevieve asked me
"How come you can always pick the perfect present?"
"Easy. I just choose something that I want for myself!"
We eventually got to have the shoot this week. This is a photo of the photo so the quality isn't great. But I think it still looks fab!
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The photographer was telling us that a father had come in recently to ask if there was an age limit to getting it done. He replied that most kids were between 5 and 9, but come to think about it, it could be done with older kids too. Dad replied
"Great. My daughter is too embarrassed to ask you herself. She wants it done for her 18th birthday."
And she got her wish!
I really hope she had fairylike qualities, or it could be so cringeworthy!

Genevieve and I looked at each other.
Nah. We'd never get away with it!!

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