Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's lower than rockbottom?

I met up with two friends from  Abu Dhabi days for our annual dinner. We met up in a restaurant in Mullingar and couldn't believe our eyes. The place was packed, despite the fact that it was a Tuesday night. Luckily we had a reservation or we wouldn't have gotten a table.
We discussed the fact that maybe......just maybe, our economy was taking a slight turn for the better.
Well, if people could go out for dinner on a Tuesday things must be improving?
Then on Thursday night I was meeting up with the Raharney women. We weren't going for dinner, we were launching straight into the drinks! Thursday night used to be a great night out in town, even better than the weekend. Granted we hadn't been out together in a while. And boy were we disappointed!
There was practically tumbleweed rolling down the main street, it was so empty. And if you had taken our group of five out of any of the pubs that we visited, they would have been pretty bleak.
So things aren't improving then Ted!
Today really brought things home. Because I am heading on holidays on Friday I decided that I had to pay off a few bills, or else the debt collectors would be knocking on the door of Torres 5 in Mamuthlar! I went up to Mr Nice Cashier man in the bank.
"Hello Ma'am. How can I help you?
Well you can start by not calling me "Ma'am"!
"Hi. I want to pay €100 off my credit card bill."
For once I was paying more than the minimum amount as I wanted to have a bit of leeway with it, in case of emergency on holiday.
He raised one eyebrow in surprise and practically squealed
"REALLY? Well fair play to you."
I was totally taken aback. If the thought of someone paying even a fraction of their credit card bill sends our banks into such a state of frenzy, then we really do deserve our "Junk Status".
Heaven help us!