Saturday, July 30, 2011

Riding Seán Óg around Mahmutlar.

I have just been reading my blogs and looking at my photos on Facebook and I realise that local bars and waiters seem to feature very strongly in them! There is much more to Mahmutlar. So this morning I decided to take my life into my hands and go for a cycle around the town.
Finian and Marese bought two bicycles last week. Of course they had to be named.
If it moves, it is an animate object and hence needs a name.
One was nice and white with pink flowers and so was called Penelope. The other was in the strong colours of Cork-red and white, and just had to be called Séan Óg!

I hopped on Seán Óg and headed off ! The first rule of the road over here is
There are no rules of the road.
You need eyes in the back of your head, as a car will drive up behind you, beep loudly and make you swerve in front of them. You must look out for cars that pull in infront of you to park and then the passengers open the door onto the road, also causing you to swerve into the path of oncoming traffic. Finally you must look out for cars approaching you from the front. The fact that you are on a one way street does not mean that you won't encounter a car heading straight for you. Sure aren't they turning left in a few metres so why would they be on their own road,? That would waste time.
Keeping all this in mind I managed to see many things I had never noticed before.

I discovered a lovely greengrocers, where I bought a basket of vegetables for 2 euro.

To quote Baby from Dirty Dancing , "I carried a watermelon."

A reminder that only mad dogs and Irish women go out in the midday sun.

There were statues and monuments dotted along the streets.

Nestled in among the hotels and high rise apartments were the quaintest little houses and farms.

I noticed signs of partriotism...

The call to prayer

This is my favourite....

What the hell happens to you when you get halfway across the road?
I can't wait to take Seán Óg out again!

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