Sunday, July 31, 2011

Private Peter Mark

I went across the road to Ibrahim's coiffeur shop, as I am wont to do of an evening! Ibrahim wasn't there, so I put my hair in the capable hands of his new.assistant. I had discovered the picture of a hairstyle I liked in a magazine, but of course I forgot to bring it with me. It was too hot to go back across the road for it, so I tried to explain what I was looking for. He had very little English and looked very puzzled as I tried to explain, complete with sign language. He then smiled and said "No problem".
This should be interesting to see what he comes up with. He hasn't a clue what I said!
He set about his task. I was reading, I mean, looking at the pictures in a Turkish magazine and wasn't really passing much remarks.There was no point. He was gonna do what he was gonna do! I found it very hard to concentrate as there was a football match blaring quite loudly in the background on the tv. I glanced into the mirror a few times.
Not bad, but nothing like what I asked for! Ah well, its only for a night.
I then noticed something very strange. He had one eye on me and the other on the match. Actually, it was  more like half and eye on me, one and a half on the match!
What's that about? You're supposed to give me your full attention and ignore any such macho activities.
Ibrahim came in just as I was walking up to the counter to pay. Dilema time! How do I strike a balance between praising the newie and not offend Ibrahim who has been doing my hair for years?
As we were standing at the counter, Ibrahim filled me in on the newie's background.
He had been a soldier up to two months ago and now he was a hairdresser!
Wow, I can really see that catching on with all the boys in the Irish army!
As I was paying him I noticed the brochures on the counter. I pointed to some pictures in it and said,
"That's me, and that's me there too."
I did spend quite a bit of time there last holiday!
He looked at the photos and smiled in recognition. Then he produced a writing pad and a pen and laughed
"Celebrity? Write name?"
My first autograph seeker. Fame, here I come!

But actually I think he mistook me for Farrah Fawcett Majors circa 1980

Yep, I could see a definite similarity!

Yep, I could see a definite similarity!