Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pack up your troubles......

As I have documented before I suffer from OCD when it comes to packing.
This holiday I have surpassed myself! I found myself making a list on my laptop, dividing it into daytime and night-time, and writing in what I need for each day!
I know, I know, I have way too much time on my hands! I should be doing something constructive like mowing the lawn......oh wait, that's going to be done for me!!!!
Years of travelling over and back to the Middle East have honed in my ability to pack for months and still stay under the weight allowance.
My bags, not me, unfortunately!
This attention to detail means that I never have a wardrobe malfunction while on holiday. Have you ever taken something out of your case but not been able to wear it because you didn't bring anything to go with it?
Well I haven't!
This time took even more planning as I'll need a month's supply of costume changes! Because we're going to my brother's apartment I don't have to bring things like towels, hairdryer, straighteners etc.
I carefully packed yesterday, rolling up clothes so they don't get creased, stuffing my knickers into my shoes and bags so they don't take up any space.
Told you I was a professional at this!
The nice people on Turkish Airlines give you a luggage allowance of 30kgs.
I weighed the case and panicked.
Disaster. It only weighed 17kgs and I'm allowed 30! I mustn't have packed enough!
But I reminded myself that 30kgs is the maximum, not a target!
This evening I have finished by putting in my make-up.....and I think it now weighs 27kg!
My friend Anne has set me a challenge. She says I have to wear everything that I bring with me and she wants to see photographic evidence.
You know I can't resist a challenge. So bring it on!!

Percy Pig, my faithful neckrest oversees proceedings!

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