Friday, July 1, 2011

Only 177 days til Christmas!

This plaque, given to me by my nephew Niall many moons ago, has pride of place in my kitchen. On cold, dark, dismal mornings I look at it in anticipation. This morning I looked at it and said
This morning was the first day of my long summer holidays.
I say it now before all the berating comments come in!!
One of the nicest things about holidays is the chance to have a  lie-in. So how come I was lying in my bed, looking at the ceiling, saying
"Dum da dum dum dum" at 6.30am! Usually I have to bribe myself to get out of bed at 7.20, but this morning I was up, had breakfast, put the first load of washing in the machine and was in the swimming pool by 8.10!
Hope that soon passes!.
This day three weeks I will be on my way to Turkey for a month! I plan to be slim and stunning by then.
Swoop.....just dodging all the low flying pigs that have suddenly appeared!
After my swim I felt fresh and invigorated. I decided to have a little wander around the shops. There was a definite spring in my step and I was feeling sorry for anyone who wasn't me! Suddenly the wind was knocked out of my sails by this sign.
Not physically, but I was winded all the same.
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No....No....NO!!! It's not time to go back to school. In fact I don't go back for
8 weeks, 5 days and 10 hours!
Yes, I have it counted. I intend to make the most of every single hour. After all
Look after the hours and the days will look after themselves
So I did the same thing I do when I go into a shop in October and they have Christmas decorations on display. I move on swiftly without giving them my custom.
But first I took a furtive look around, whipped out my camera, took a sneaky picture and then legged it! I didn't want to be accosted by an irate owner who would arm wrestle me for my camera!

Posed by models

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