Monday, July 25, 2011

I've decided to swim the Channel

With all this eating and drinking I'm terrified of how much weight I could put on in the course of a month. I can put on 4lbs over a good weekend. Can you imagine what size I'd be come August 18th?
So I've decided to swim the English Channel!
Not the actual channel mind, but the equiviliant. I've googled it and its width at its narrowest is 21 miles.
Now when I was doing "Swim a mile with a smile" last year, 80 lengths of the pool was a mile. The pool here is roughly the same size.So I can do it in 21 days which leaves a litttle bit of leeway for any days I just can't manage it!
I know, I know. Swimming in a nice, warm pool is not the same as braving the elements in a freezing, wavy, polluted ocean where you have to dodge ships and floating dirty nappies. Channel swimmers do it in a few hours, while I will take 4 weeks.
But its still a big challenge for me.
On the past three mornings I have been at the pool at 10 before it gets too busy. On Sat I did 40 lemgths. Sunday was 50 and Monday was 60....despite getting to bed at 5!
Tomorrow morning should be easier.
\i feel that if I get the Healthy bit of the day over as early as possible then I have the whole day to undo the goodness
And I shouldn't have to be rolled onto the plane!