Monday, July 11, 2011

Green fingered....NOT!

I fear I'm fighting a losing battle against my garden. I had hoped to get it under control now that I am holiday. But the weather and the fact that more interesting events keep popping up, mean that I haven't spent as much time on it as it needs
The other day I was outside my hedge next to the road wielding a girl's best friend.
I was half way down one side of the hedge and my arms were beginning to give out. A car stopped beside me. It was my lovely neighbour from next door.
"God love you Noeleen. Sure you need a man to that job."
If I had a man I could think of lots of other jobs he'd have to do before gardening.
"Anyway Noeleen.I was just wondering if you would buy some tickets to support the tidy towns?"
Suddenly my heart sank with the realisation that she is very involved in Raharney Tidy Towns.
Oh my god. She must shudder every time she passes my house. I'm probably lowering the whole tone of the neighbourhood!
"Actually, one of the prizes is €100 voucher from the local gardening service,"
I knew it! That's a hint if ever I heard one!
"That would be perfect. I'm heading away for a month and was wondering how I'd get my lawn mowed."

Later on I was telling Marese the story.
"I bet she feels so bad about my garden that she'll arrange for me to win it!!"
Last night there was a knock on my door.
I was watching "Sweeney Todd-the Barber of Seville" at the time so it frightened the bejayus out of me!
It was my neighbour.
"Noeleen you're not going to believe this. You've just won second prize in the raffle....the gardening voucher!"
I stood open-mouthed.
How am I going to tell Marese? She'll never believe it wasn't rigged!
Now I have it on good authority that the raffle was held in public and everything was above board. I just think it's too good to be true!
After a month in Turkey I shall return home to a perfectly manicured garden. How jammy is that!

i wonder will my €100 stretch to getting a sculptured hedge?